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Specially designed anti-ageing mask to help to:

– Restores and revitalizes the skin’s natural radiance

– Helps regenerate tissue cells

– Significantly smoothest the skins surface

-Visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles

– Promotes collagen production and

– Restores youthful vitality

SLC Pure Skin Multi peptide Mask introduces a revolutionary skin care anti – aging mask and most scientifically advanced product in skincare technology.

This beauty mask has the unique formula containing multi-peptides (Tetrapeptide-7, Tetrapeptide-12) which helps to reverse the signs of skin damage due to aging and helps to restore the skin to a more youthful complexion. Significantly smooths the skin’s surface, visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Promotes collagen production and restores youthful vitality.You will get a more youthful glow and smooth skin.

Hydrolyzed Sclerotium Gum – The stimulation of active cells helps to improve the skin texture and fully moisturize the skin’s horny layer, moisturizes the skin impervious membrane softens it like silk and is completely absorbed in the skin structure and creates a feeling of freshness and excellent touch.

Peptides help in maintaining skin elasticity, repair damaged collagen fibers, softens the skin and smoothes skin wrinkles, strengthen the skin barrier functions and improve the water retention capacity thus producing skin anti-aging effects.
Almond acid (DL-Mandelic acid) increases the metabolic rate among cells, allowing elastic fibers in the dermis, collagen and hyperplasia collagen and hyaluronic acid to help improve the pimply, rough, fry and damaged skin.

Main ingredients:  Hydrolyzed Sclerotium Gum, Almond acid (DL-Mandelic acid Vitamin E, Multi-peptides (Tetrapeptide-7, Tetrapeptide-12).

Other ingredients:  Water, Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tranexamic acid, Hydrolyzed silk, Anti-allergic amino acid Humectant, Asiaticodise, Punicagranatum extract, micromolecule DurvilleaAntartica Glycine,Beta-Glucan,Calendula off. Ex. Polyglutamic acid, Neroli Hydrosol, Xanthan gum, Fragnance.

  1. Wash your face with cleaning tonic carefully.
  2. The mask consists of two layers, place the first layer on the face and discard the other  layer. Gently press the mask with your fingers to place it and fit to your face by adjusting    it suitably on the eyes, nose and mouth.

Relax 15 to 20 minutes with the face mask.

Pull out the face mask and discard.

Once the mask is removed, massage the neck and hands with the leftover serum. No  need to wash out.

 Tip:Use once a week, or as often as you wish, as regular part of your skin care ritual.

Use immediately after opening.


  1.       For external use only
  2.       Avoid contact with eyes
  3.       Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear.

  Storage: Keep in a dark and cold place out of the reach of children.