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Designed with plant extracts to help to:
  • detoxify body,
  • remove toxins,
  • remove heavy metals,
  • remove fatigue,
  • improve circulation,
  • increase sleep quality
  • improves the overall body tone


If you have problems with excess weight , and have already tried everything ( diets , exercises etc)  that you know but nothing had  help you  and you surely ask yourself where is the problem with you?

DETOXIFICATION . You already know how important is detoxification of your body , during the regulation of body weight, and once you should do detoxification. because of that we specially design  Slim Line Tea .

What exactly is a detox? Detox is a process in which a person makes lifestyle changes to clear their body of toxins.

What are the toxins? Toxins are any substance that can be poisonous or cause negative health effects. “Toxin” refers to all the metals, chemicals, pollutants, artificial food ingredients, pesticides, and poisons that cause the body harm. We are in constant contact with harmful organisms and pollutants. They’re in our water, in our food, and in the air we breathe; it’s very difficult to get away from them. The source of many health issues is the toxins that have built up in our bodies over the years.

SLC Detox Patches helps toxins from your body naturally to be removed. While you are sleeping patches can help you with the extraction of the toxins and heavy metals from your body , with smoothing the body pains of lower intensity. They facilitate the load of the immune system, improve the blood circulation, reduce the swellings of the body, help with the natural purification of the lymphatic system and improve your sleep quality.

SLC Detox Patch are foot patches intended for body detoxification.

They naturally clean toxins from the organism, remove heavy metals and other metabolic unnecessary substances. They provide additional help in fighting fatigue, improve circulation, improve sleep quality and overall wellbeing.

 Intended use: Healthy people for prevention, weakened immunity, back pains, liver or kidney dysfunction, muscle and joint problems, sleeping problems, tumor prevention.

Ingredients: Bamboo vinegar, wood vinegar, eucalyptus, tourmaline, Agaricus mushroom, Chitosan and corn flour.

Action: The active ingredients are of high quality, completely natural and carefully selected in order your body to remove the toxins through the skin of the feet. The bamboo vinegar and extract absorbs and filtrates harmful substances by means of its antimicrobal, antiviral, antifungal effects. The remaining ingredients improve blood circulation and strengthen blood vessel walls and boost immunity.

Tourmaline as a natural mineral acts as a support of the active ingredients. This mineral naturally generates mild infrared (FIR) heat, which helps to stimulate circulation and supports elimination from the body. Additionally, it relates to other regenerative body processes. The regular use of patches regulates blood and lymph circulation. The toxins are released from the tissues through the feet zones that act like distribution lines of the body.

Reflexology-according to Chinese medical claims, human body has over 360 acupuncture points. More than 60 are located on the feet. Stimulation and release of toxic substances from these points results in vitality and wellbeing. The removal of toxins from the skin promotes good health. When blood circulates through the feet, the skin draws toxins toward the external layer which are then absorbed by the patches from the acupuncture points.

How to use:

Step 1: Take one white patch and remove the larger paper piece (not necessary to fully remove it at the end in order to handle easier) and one SLC detox patch.

Step 2: Remove the protective foil from the SLC detox patch and stuck it in the center of the white patch where the text is located.

Step 3: Stretch and stuck the patch tightly to the soles. Repeat the same process for the other foot.

Step 4: Patches are left to sit for a short period of time before going to bed and should be kept for 10 hours or until the patch becomes heavy and wet.

Step 5 (at morning): Remove and discard the patches, take care not to touch the dark side since it contains all the toxins that the body has removed. Clean the feet thoroughly.

For better results:

SLC Detox Patch work best if used on the soles of the feet, but may be also used in other parts of the body where you feel pain, discomfort or swelling. While they can be used in any time of the day, it is recommended to use them at night while sleeping. Wearing socks over the patches may help in avoiding the patch to unstuck throughout the night and significantly helps achieve better skin contact.


Do not apply SLC Detox patches directly on open wounds and avoid contact around the eyes.

If you suffer from health issues, please consult your physician.