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nano magnet + herb  extract  1pack/5 patches


SLC Belly Patch is a patch consisting of medical magnet and herb extracts.
Designed to help your body to:
  • reduce waist circumference
  • accelerates cell metabolism
  • burning fats
  • expel toxins
  • promote weight loss

SLC Belly Patch is a patch consisting of medical magnet and herb extracts. It is intended to reduce waist circumference and promote weight loss.

SLC Belly Patch is using new method to change the traditional concept of weight loss.

Only use one piece of SLC Belly Patch daily can achieve your weight loss goals in a short time.

In the center of the patch is nano magnet produces magnetic waves. They pass through the skin and make meridian massage. Magnetism accelerates cell metabolism and calorie consumption, thus creating a negative energy balance and fat burning, mostly around the waist. Combined with extracts of herbs plant contributes to activate lipase, which speeds up excretion of fat, unnecessary substances and toxins accumulated in the body. Using these patches is safe and without side effects, simply apply the patch before you go to sleep.

SLC Belly Patch is a patch containing medical magnet and herb extracts.

All patch ingredients comes from natural herbs and plant extracts.

Ingredients: semen cassiae torae, poria cocos, maythorn, bitter orange(citrus aurantium), scutellaria baicalensis, alisma orientalis, angelica sinensis.

PROVEN EFFECTS ‘WEIGHT LOSS’ The patch will burn the fat and reduces your weight.

SIZE REDUCTION EFFECT: Reducing 5 cm  by regular use for 30 days  – Clinically tested

ENHANCING METABOLISM Detoxification process helps body improve your body metabolism. Body feels lighter because of fat loss. Approved by FDA TIPS Feel the result in as little as 2 weeks. 8 hours long lasting, giving convenience before sleeping! 4 weeks of exercises and meal controls will help.

How to use:
STEP 1:  Clean the skin and keep the skin dry.
STEP 2: Open the outer packing, post the sticker on your belly (navel)
STEP 3:  One piece a day, using time is 12 hours and shall not exceed 24hours.
STEP 4: Combined with a moderate amount of sports and SLC Advance Capsules, the slimming effect is much better.

No preservatives / No parabens.


As it is for external use only, there is no risk of side effect. Unlike diet pills, it’s totally risk-free and no harmful at all. SKIN FRIENDLY WATER BASE GLUE (Medial Non-woven Disposables) Adopting irritation-free and natural base glue, it is not sticky and enables skin breathe. MSDS Skin Irritation Test by the official lab in NJ, USA

Cautions: Not applicable for women in pregnancy and menstrual period, and also people with severe deficient cold of spleen and stomach . Do not take food with high calorific value, do not drink coffee/alcohol, do not eat nuts, and do not eat anything 3hours before you go to sleep. Spicy food is not suggested to take when applying the slim patch.

Storage: Store in the original package to protect from light at a temperature below 25`C. Keep out of reach of children.