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Your Lifestyle

Some people live simply to work… their lives revolve around earning a paycheck so that they can meet bills and get out of bed again to work the next day… and pay more bills.

Others work so that they can live. The fruits of their labor are the time, freedom and money to enjoy life outside of work.

Which group do you fall into? If you would prefer to be in the latter group, Slim Line Club is your solution. We believe that hard work should provide you with the time, freedom and money you need to enjoy life and we offer you the opportunity to reach that plateau by allowing you to tap your potential.

As a full or part-time Slim Line Club Independent Sales Representative, you can:

  • Earn what you’re worth
  •  Spend more time with family and friends
  •  Work from home, the boat…wherever
  •  Help people live better, more financially rewarding lives

Join Slim Line Club today to start living life the better way.

Compensation Plan

Financial independence, freedom of time, complete control over how you spend each day of your life… these are goals you can achieve through Slim Club’s business opportunity.
Whether you want the chance to earn a little extra income to help pay your bills or you want to build a career through a solid home based business, Slim Line Club can help. We allow you to be your own boss and provide you with the compensation plan that you need to meet your goals.

As a Slim Line Club member, you will enjoy the:

  • Tax advantages of business ownership
  •  Flexibility to set your own work hours with the freedom to work when you choose
  • Extra quality time with your family
  •  Additional time to explore your own favorite pursuits
  • Satisfaction that comes with helping others improve their live

Lucrative Compensation Plan

Make money selling our unique products and services through our power packed compensation plan. Are you looking for short term earning potential or the security of long term residual income? Great! Our compensation plan was built to provide both.
Training and Support

From company events through personal support, our members are put in a position to succeed with our superlative sales and training tools. Our corporate team is committed to your success. With Slim Line Club, you will find the team support and training your need to reach your goals.

World Class Products

You will be representing unique and value laden products that deliver results you will be proud of.
We encourage you to work together with your team and Downline instead of in competition with them. Please take the time to review our plan and learn how you can achieve your own personal goals through Slim Line Club. Navigate through our website and feel free to click on any of the links in order to learn more about the company, products, services and opportunity that are going to help you positively shape your future.

Our Success Stories

Our Independent Sales Representative have changed their lives and the lives of others around the world through the Slim Line Club business opportunity. And you can too!

Slim Line Club offers:

  •  A generous rewarding compensation plan
  •  Products and services consumers want and need
  •  A proven business model that works

Read below to find out what our Independent Sales Representative’s are saying about Slim Line Club.


“Excellent earnings becoming self-employed” Aleksandra Naskovska


“I made the right choice. Thank you for helping me to be successful in my business.” – Biljana Blazevska


I am glad  being part of Slim Line Club already 2 years. As a SLC  Member there are great advantages , discounts and excellent earnings”- Suzana Gjorgjevska


“1 year ago I became a member, contributor and supervisor at Slim Line . Great honor to be  part of this company which has so many consumers and countless members.” – Aida Korac


I became a member using the Slim Line Capsules. Now I am in excellent cooperation because it is my
pleasure to be part of a wonderful team. –
“Elena Jurukova Rapovska”


“I am  Slim Line contributor and  one of the many satisfied consumers .
Therefore I  recommend the products to all my friends.  They are excellent and the earnings too. ” – Marija Trajkovska


“It is a worth to try and own your own business” – Evdokija Stojcheva


” I lost 10 kilos with Slim Line.  I started with membership which is great chance for everyone to earn extra income and be satisfied.” – Robert Grozdanovski


”  MLM Marketing helped me to earn great and have a full time business”- Snezana Micevska.


 “Happy people have good habits that enhance their lives...My life changed since I become SLC Member. I have a lot of friends and associates, my private life is so much better as well as on the financial side. “-Marina Dimovska


“Satisfied with the efficiency and effectiveness of the Slim Line Products I decided to join the Multilevel Network of the company in order to help many people who have weight-loss problem.”-Tanja Mihailovska


“Slim Line Club has provided a variety of healthy solutions and business opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in direct selling weight management and nutrition products. I am just another happy SLC Member”- Ljupco Jadrovski