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dietary supplement  package:12 sachets


Specially designed Coffee to help to:
  • reduce excess body weight
  • reduce appetite
  • increase alertness and attention
  • increase metabolism
  • increase the consumption of energy,
  • increases the oxidation of fats.

Enjoy drinking coffee, while you need to lose more weight …Learn how to achieve and maintain your ideal weight with this favorite beverage …

The composition of the SlimLine coffe included the best Arabica coffee, and in the process of weight loss not quit delicious coffee. Many of our customers and members consumed large quantities of any type of coffee each day. Therefore SlimLine Coffe become a substitute for all other coffees in the process of weight management.

Natural ingredients and properties of coffee will not only help you achieve maximum effects will help in improving the work of the cognitive system and the rapid melting of excess fat without holding the rigorous diets and no exercise. Thus, without much effort, healthy and will adjust and keep body weight down.

All our members despite the capsules as Slim Line and Slimline acai Berry, use coffee SlimLine coffe because it greatly helps to reduce appetite and have great results

Slim Line Coffee product is intended to regulate weight and appetite reduction in the form of instant powder. This product contains extracts of herbs and Coffea Arabica. Extracts of herbs contain metabolites of tyramine (N-methyl-tyramine) octopamine and synephrine, substances which are chemically similar to epinephrine and the effect on adrenergic receptors, causing reduction of appetite and accelerate metabolism to the point that the body itself begins to burns calories, allowing loss of excessive adipose fat deposits. Thermogenic effect and calorie burn that manifest themselves as a result of stimulated lipolysis in the body, it does not give in adverse reactions (excitation) on the central nervous system and cardiovascular system.

Also extracts performed by reducing gastric acid from 40% to 60%, thereby reducing the duration of digestion of food and absorption capacity of the intestines.

The presence of  hydroxycitric acid in small quantities and active ingredient Garcinol  in the herb Garsinia Cambogia contribute to fat burning and saving utilization of carbohydrates in standby and / or physical activity reduced the creation of adipose deposits. Garcinol, reduces acidity, which protects the lining of  stomach. The presence of caffeine in coffee of this product, in amounts of 85 mg to 130 mg, increases attention and memory capacity of the body and increases physical performance.

The recommended daily dosage is one sachet a day after breakfast. In boiling water, no more than 100C put one sachet of instant powder  and drink as coffee in the usual way. Purpose: The product is intended for healthy people aged 18 to 65 years

If you have the impression that the effect of capsules is too strong or too weak, consult to your doctor or pharmacist.

Period of use: To achieve better effects this product use at least three months since the end of the third month your body remembers dose of fat that your remains. So surely lose weight will not change. It is recommended that this product be combined with our SlimLine Tea. If you want to maintain your weight and after you lose weight, you can use any Slim line product once or twice a week.

Caution: Do not use more than one capsule a day. This product is not intended for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. The product is a supplement to the usual diet and can not replace food. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or preventive effect on any disease. Responsibility for the use of this product like any other dietary supplement is the one who consumed. If you have some ambiguities it is best consult to your doctor before using the product.Storage: In cool, dry and dark rooms.