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Everyday food habits of the skin people

These people we see daily and which have a slim line, in fact, are not genetically predisposed to have slim body. But they have succeeded in their lives to incorporate foods that help maintain weight. They bring in their food system that contributes to the equilibrium of the body from which practically can not gain weight, control and eat in moderate quantities.

What are these foods?

Green Tea – Green tea can prevent many diseases, and thus speeds up metabolism and burn fat.
EGGS – two boiled eggs are an excellent substitute for everyday eating cereal for breakfast, and you keep fuller throughout the day.
LOSOS– One of the richest fish with omega fatty acids, of course, is naturally captured instead sought ways and means. Excellent replacement for salmon is mackerel!
HONEY – Honey, cinnamon, even hot peppers are a great trigger for burning fat, but also to raise immunity. These groceries are a tremendous help to burn fat.
Almonds – Almonds nuts are rich in protein, while rich in vitamins and minerals. Known fact that a handful of almonds can be substituted for a meal or a perfect snack. However, only one hand! Increasingly, it will mean increased calorie intake.
PEAR – Pears are an ideal fruit is healthy, while najaduva, that keeps you full, while low in calories

It is that daily consume at least one meal of the indicated groceries or their alternatives. Additionally, if you introduce a regime of exercise, a minimum of 2 to 3 times a week, success is guaranteed.