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Everyday food habits of the skin people

These people we see daily and which have a slim line, in fact, are not genetically predisposed to have slim body. But they have succeeded in their lives to incorporate foods that help maintain weight. They bring in their food system that contributes to the equilibrium of the body from which practically can not gain weight, […]

Lose up to -10kg with Acai Berry

These dark purple berries grow in the Amazon rain forest and are a staple food of the Amazons because they provide durability during the day, they give more energy, more beautiful tighter skin, shinier hair. That’s why we call them super foods. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, essential fatty acids. Vitamins-containing B1, B2, […]

Losing Weight Vs. Burning Fat

There is a huge difference between losing weight and elimination of fat. KEY DIFFERENCES When we say weight loss we mean less kilograms on the scale 🙂 This  represents an overall body. On the other hand, losing fat means reducing the amount of fat accumulated in the body. So, if 25% fat decrease of 20%, […]

How SLC Advance can help you achieve targeted slimming?

Enjoying your favorite food with no worries and slim & fit body can go all together, that’s why  we created the SLC Advance. It is a natural dietary supplement that will help you successfully regulate food intake. How SLC Advance capsules will do this? It handles the protein hormone leptin, which is part of SLC Advance. […]

Can’t go a day without sweets? Learn how to get rid of that bad habit:

WHAT DOES IT SAYS ABOUT ME? The need for sweets is present in human nature, and therefore the impulsive reach out for more sweet foods than salt it’t normal. Sugar is associated with the holidays, with happy moments in family life, birthdays, religious holidays, Easter, Christmas Eve. It causes the production of serotonin, a hormone that makes us […]

How to get rid of excess belly fat?

Spare at  LEAST 10 MINUTES PER DAY FOR RELAXATION The more you are exposed to stress, the more fat you have around the stomach. It’s proven that there is a link between stress and stubborn fat on the waist. Scientists explained that when the body is under stress, it secretes larger amounts of the hormone […]

Work Your Way to Health trough Fitness and Diet (For Beginners)

Beginning on any venture is hard. Verging on each individual is similar to that; it is constantly difficult in any case a specific action. Ever ask why it’s generally like this when beginning with something? While it might be hard for specific people, for some it’s truly simple to begin something new, yet the issue […]

The Best Food for Before/After a Workout

Whenever you work out, you do as such with a specific end goal to attempt and keep up great health. You likewise realize that you need to eat too, so your body will have the vitality it needs to practice and keep up for the regular assignments of life. For making the best of your […]

Menopause and Weight Gain. Can you reduce it?

Menopausal weight pick up is by all accounts an incredible sympathy toward ladies as they age. It appears that putting on some weight amid this period in life appears to be inescapable. A few ladies might even be astounded in the matter of why they appear to heap up weight despite the fact that they […]

Keep your heart healthy with this food

It is very important to take a good care of your heart. The Heart is an important part, actually, the main part of your health. Some rules should be maintained like avoiding vices such as smoking and controlling your stress. Of course, a heart-healthy diet is essential. But there is no specific food that can […]